The interior of a cell is highly heterogeneous where molecular and nanoscale dynamics span multiple time and length scales. Furthermore, these dynamics all occur in three dimensions (3D). For example: How does a viral particle or a vaccine-delivery vehicle approach a living cell and become internalized? What are the dynamic molecule-level interactions that lead to a (un)successful entry? How does the intracellular cargo get delivered to its destination? To understand the molecule-nanoscale dynamics in the live-cell context, time must be explicitly considered. My lab recognized this problem very early on and has developed a real-time 3D single-particle tracking (RT-3DSPT) technology which enables us to follow a tagged nanoscale probe with 10 μs time resolution and ~10 nm spatial localization precision. We are also developing new ways to integrate this RT-3DSPT technology to a variety of imaging microscopy modalities as well as single-particle spectroscopy of a freely moving nanoparticle such as the measurement of single-particle 3D reorientation dynamics.

3D Real-Time Multi-Resolution Microscopy

We pioneered 3D real-time multi-resolution microscopy. It is achieved by integrating, on the hardware level, the high-resolution RT-3DSPT (see below) with a lower-resolution imaging modality, taken concurrently in real time, that gives the surrounding larger environmental contexts. With this we were able to directly monitor chemical dynamics at interfaces, for example.

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3D Multi-focal Volumetric Imaging at Video Rates

We have implemented a spatial light modulator (SLM) based multi-color, multi-focal microscope (MFM) to acquire 3D volume images at video rates (> 20 frames/second). We are currently using this to understand diffusion in confined environments.


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Real-Time 3D Single-Particle Tracking & Spectroscopy

We pioneered real-time 3D single-particle tracking and have since been continually furthering the concept both technically and theoretically. Most recently, we have implemented hardware-based lifetime gating to achive much improved signal-to-background ratio.

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Updated: 2024.02.23.